Finding An Affordable Chocolate Diamond

Chocolate Diamond

How To Find Chocolate Diamonds Without Breaking The Bank

Recently colored diamonds and particularly chocolate diamonds have become more popular and they are gaining even more attention as celebrities are regularly seen wearing these stunning colored gemstones. Many people also simply think that colored diamonds are just more beautiful than traditional white diamonds. Unfortunately these colored diamonds are rare in nature and that makes them much more expensive than traditional clear diamonds. Because of increased demand for these beautiful gems the industry has found a way to created them and make them a bit more affordable for everyone.

Size Is A Factor

One way to make chocolate diamond jewelry more affordable is by choosing jewelry uses several small stones. Smaller stones are more common in nature and thus more affordable. Find unique pieces that create an attractive pattern and are mixed with other gems. The cost of a ring with many small diamonds adding up to a carat is far less than buying a ring with a carat diamond.

Cultured or Natural Chocolate Diamonds?

Natural colored stones can be far out of they typical persons budget but there is still hope if you want a colored diamond. Many people refer to cultured diamonds as synthetic, man made or lab-grown diamonds. Even though they were made in a lab and not by mother nature over millions of years, they are still real diamonds. This is not the same thing as a cubic zirconia or a fake diamond[identify].


The process of growing diamonds in a lab is essentially the same process followed by nature but sped up. This makes them easier to find and much cheaper than natural fancy colored diamonds and no one will be able to tell the difference because cultured diamonds are genuine diamonds. A variety of different colored diamonds can be made using lab processes. See here:


Some diamonds that are only lightly colored are treated to enhance the color. It’s important to understand how diamond treatments are used before you buy bargain jewelry. Some treatments aren’t very durable and there may be special ways that you need to take care of jewelry made with these treated gems so that you can extend the life of them. Some pieces are treated using irradiation, HPHT or coating to enhance the look of the gems while keeping the cost of the piece low.

If you are in the market for genuine chocolate diamonds it is always best to find a trusted jeweler or jewelry store. You need to know whether or not the gem has been treated for color and how to take care of it properly if it has. This way you can get the right gem and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Four Easy Ways to Save Money On Engagement Rings

Learn How You Can Save Money On Engagement Rings

Contrary to what you might think you can save money on engagement rings. Buying an engagement ring doesn’t need to drain your bank account. If you’re eager to pop the question, but you’re holding back because you don’t think you can afford the ring your bride deserves, think again. These four tips can help you save big on your engagement rings. For even more information go here. Picking the right ring says it all.

Try these Tricks

When you walk into a retail ring store, it’s easy to feel bombarded by salespeople attempting to sell you the biggest, most expensive ring in the shop. So, go in with a clear budget and keep these tricks in mind. Alternatives to diamonds, such as gems or cubic zirconium, are ever growing in popularity; similarly, you might want to try white gold instead of platinum. However, if you think your significant other has her heart set on a classic diamond ring, you can still make her dreams come true with a diamond. When a bigger diamond costs too much, try to make a small adjustment in the carat-just a tiny change in carat weight can save you substantial amounts of money without being noticeably smaller. You can also be strategic with the setting-the right setting can make all the difference in making a diamond look bigger.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Shop Smart

With all the diamond ring advertisements consumers see around Valentine’s Day and New Year’s, it’s natural to want to go to one of those big-name jewelers that you see on TV or hear on the radio so often. However, just because you recognize their name doesn’t mean you should assume they’re the best option for you. In fact, brand name jewelry is often marked up as opposed to smaller mom and pop shops, which can also offer more unique and remarkable rings.

Go Vintage

As a special homage to the strong couples that make up your heritage, it’s often family tradition to pass along and heirloom diamond ring. This sentimental tribute to the past can also be accomplished if you have earrings, as the stones can easily be set into a ring.

Take your time

As with any big purchase, you should take as much time as you need to be sure you’re making the right choice. This is even more important advice considering the big life decision that stands behind the purchase of engagement rings. Therefore, don’t be afraid to spend time shopping around, negotiating, and researching your options.