How To Make Beard Rings and Beads

jack sparrow

Beards are great for making men look manlier. However, nobody said that you have to settle for an ordinary look. Instead of leaving your long beard just plain, or styling it with a trimmer like everyone else, you can use beard rings and beads to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

You could of course, buy the beard rings and beads that you want, in specialized stores both offline and online. However, we’re all about making your own jewellery, so if you want a unique look, it may be better for you to make your own. Some of these rings and beards are quite simple to make.

1. Using Plastic Strips and Beads

The simplest way to make beard rings with beads is to use plastic strips. These strips can be found quite easily in stores dealing with craft and jewellery products. You can also find the beads that you need in those stores. Click here for further information about handmade jewelry.

Once you select the beads that you want, you can proceed to create a simple beard ring. Ensure though that the beads have very small spaces in the center because most plastic strips are quite thin. You could always double up the strip if you want a strong ring of this kind.

Using a cutting tool like a pair of scissors for example, cut a piece of plastic strip long enough to go around your beard at least once. You can then insert the beads that you have selected one by one using your hands. For a more interesting look, you could alternate different beads at regular intervals to create a pattern. Once you reach near the end of the plastic strip, tie a tight knot, and cut off any of the remaining parts at the edge.

Plastic beard rings are very easy to make and it may just take you and hour or so to make a simple one if you want it in a hurry.

2. Glued-on Beads

If you do not mind dealing with lots of glue, then glued-on bead rings are the way to go. What you need is a surface, which can support the beads. The best way to go about this particular method of making beard rings is to but a round plain ring, which could be made of something as simple as wood, or metal.

You should also buy beads that can adhere to the surface that you have selected. You can find metal beads, wood beads and other forms of natural beads in craft and jewellery stores in your locale.

You should select glue that is compatible with your surfaces. You should apply glue on the surface of the beard ring you have selected and more on a bead, of your choice. After that you should stick the bead on the ring surface and then do the same for the other beads until the whole surface is covered.

The beauty of gluing beads around a ring surface is that the overall look is very appealing, because the beads stand out in relief. You can always make the beard ring more interesting by varying the textures, sizes, and even depths of the beads you are using. You can put one or more layers if you want; it is all about creativity.

Bottom Line

As long as you are willing to make your hands dirty, and spend some time doing something creative, making beard rings and beads is not that hard. You will have unique beard rings to show for it at the end.

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