What You Need To Know About The Thomas Sabo Watch Collection

The Thomas Sabo brand is named after the man who brought the fashion label to life in 1984. Thomas Sabo headquarters can be found in southern Germany in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Bavaria. Today, the brand employs 1,300 people across the globe and provides over 3,000 jewellers with their fashionable lifestyle products. The company’s success is not diminishing. You can find Thomas Sabo jewellery and watches on all five continents and in 66 countries on this planet.

Thomas Sabo has brought out a Sterling Silver collection, the Charm Club and even their own Thomas Sabo watches. The designs are all perfectly harmonised and they are suitable for all occasions, whether it is a formal meeting or you want to wear your jewellery with a casual look. Thomas Sabo and his creative head Susanne Klbli make sure that all their designs are contemporary and suitable for the individual to express themselves.

Thomas Sabo watches were launched back in 2009 and they have proven to be exceptionally popular. The bold and unique Thomas Sabo look is easily recognised in the watch collection. 925 sterling silver and black leather are primarily used, although even the occasional dash of vibrant colour can be found.

Watch Collection

Watch Collection

Thomas Sabo Watch WA0123-234-202

This watch is one of those colourful outbursts. The strap and bezel of the watch are of a rich violet colour while the two-layered dial shimmers in mother of pearl. The hands are luminous so you don’t lose track of time even in the dark. The strap is made out of genuine leather while the case is made from stainless steel. The watch is also available in orange and red.

Thomas Sabo Watch WA0063S-205-203

With this watch design, Thomas Sabo combines the watches with their charms collection. The Charm watch is made from 925 sterling silver and its small case is 19mm long and wide and 9mm deep. You can add charms to the silver bracelet to truly give the watch an individual note. The bracelet is splash-proof but should be taken off when attending to the dishes!

Thomas Sabo Watch WA0058-220-203

This is a fantastic design that practically screams Thomas Sabo. The case is made from stainless steel and ceramic and is kept in a onyx black. The chronograph has black dials with black stone set sub dials. A quartz movement and a two year warranty make it an incredibly reliable watch.

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