Making Jewelry and Keepsakes out of Beef Bones

beef bone jewelry

Bone has been used for personal ornamentation since the beginning of mankind and the material lends itself very well to modern jewelry making processes.

Beef bone in particular is an excellent material to use to make finer jewelry and keepsakes so instead of throwing beef chops cooked on one of your Best Gas and Propane Smokers in the trash, why not consider making a piece of art out of it?

In order to do so, follow these steps.

Sourcing the bone

If you have some beef shin or chops left near your smoker from the BBQ Smoker Guide, whether it is cooked or not, it is perfect for using as the material to make your jewelry. Obviously you have to get rid of the meat on the bone first, and make sure the bone on the cuts of meat is large enough to work with. Beef rib bones are also perfect.


You can get all the meat off the bones by burying it next to an ant hill or by boiling so all the soft tissue falls off. But the best way, and most professional, is to leave the bones in hydrogen peroxide solution for a week or so. This cleans the bone completely and bleaches it a bright white. See how below:

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Clean any bits of remaining dirt off the bone with a toothbrush. Now find some old newspaper and leave the bone inside for a couple of days.

Cutting beads

Now you need a respirator before you start cutting. Use a fine saw and if you are making beads or small keepsakes, cut the bone into quarter-inch slabs, or cut to the desired length if you are making longer, tubular beads. Now sand with different types of?sandpaper ? fine, medium and coarse ? into the desired shape and smoothness.

Shaping pendants

If you have rib bones, these are big enough to turn into pendant shapes. The classic is a heart/arrow shaped-pendant necklace, but you can make any shape you want. To do this, find a flat piece of bone and scribe your desired shape onto the surface. Now cut or grind away your design.

When you have completed your shapes and trinkets, use a thin drill bit to make holes in your bone jewelry. Beads can be threaded together and you can use eye-jump rings, hooks, swivels, and clasps to make necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings.

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