Growing a Beard? Learn How to Make Your Own Beard Oil

Maintaining a beard is not as easy as some men think. There are grooming tips for beards to follow, daily cleaning and conditioning, and specialty products to help it always look great. Beard balm and beard oil are two beard products that go a long way at helping a beard maintain its shape all day.

Beard oils and beard balms are readily available in stores and online, but there is something earthy – like the beard itself- that makes making your own so appealing.


Why Not Make Beard Balm?

You probably could make beard balm, if you had the right amount of beeswax to pull it off. To be honest, this is a superior product when it comes to your whiskers as it has properties that help to keep it in place and moisturized. Our beard oil recipe is meant for the quick fix, when you want a little extra conditioning for extra dry facial hair or want your beard to smell especially nice.

Making Beard Oil

Beard oil consists of two different types of oil, a carrier and then an essential oil. The carrier oil is the base, and makes up most of the beard oil, while the essential oil provides the scent and extra vitamin enhancing benefits.

Carrier Oils to Consider:

  • Jojoba oil – this is a relatively close oil to what is already found on your skin.
  • Argan oil – will improve the condition of your skin under the beard
  • Hemp seed oil – Actually helps with circulation
  • Grapeseed oil – Will not clog your pores and cures beard dandruff
  • Avocado oil – Can prevent wrinkles from forming and promotes beard growth

Once you have the carrier oil picked out, it’s just a matter of mixing it with the right essential oil. Since this only makes up a small amount of the beard oil, concentrate on finding a scent that you like before considering the benefits. If you like fruity and fresh, look at lemon or orange essential oils, while Nutmeg or dill will have a more earthy smell.

Once you have the carrier and essential oils all picked out, combine them in part inside of a small glass bottle. The ratio should be 95% of the carrier oil, with the remaining 5% being the essential oil. Then, when you want to use it, you just need to splash a small amount onto your beard and rub it in down to your skin.

As mentioned, a beard balm provides a different type of styling benefit than beard oils do. A beard oil is for a casual day, while you should use beard balm when you want a professional look. Have some fun with your recipe, mixing and matching to find a scent with the benefits you like. This is an easy craft for anyone, that will also help get you familiarized with the many benefits of essential oils.

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