Growing a Beard? Learn How to Make Your Own Beard Oil

Maintaining a beard is not as easy as some men think. There are grooming tips for beards to follow, daily cleaning and conditioning, and specialty products to help it always look great. Beard balm and beard oil are two beard products that go a long way at helping a beard maintain its shape all day.

Beard oils and beard balms are readily available in stores and online, but there is something earthy – like the beard itself- that makes making your own so appealing.


Why Not Make Beard Balm?

You probably could make beard balm, if you had the right amount of beeswax to pull it off. To be honest, this is a superior product when it comes to your whiskers as it has properties that help to keep it in place and moisturized. Our beard oil recipe is meant for the quick fix, when you want a little extra conditioning for extra dry facial hair or want your beard to smell especially nice.

Making Beard Oil

Beard oil consists of two different types of oil, a carrier and then an essential oil. The carrier oil is the base, and makes up most of the beard oil, while the essential oil provides the scent and extra vitamin enhancing benefits.

Carrier Oils to Consider:

  • Jojoba oil – this is a relatively close oil to what is already found on your skin.
  • Argan oil – will improve the condition of your skin under the beard
  • Hemp seed oil – Actually helps with circulation
  • Grapeseed oil – Will not clog your pores and cures beard dandruff
  • Avocado oil – Can prevent wrinkles from forming and promotes beard growth

Once you have the carrier oil picked out, it’s just a matter of mixing it with the right essential oil. Since this only makes up a small amount of the beard oil, concentrate on finding a scent that you like before considering the benefits. If you like fruity and fresh, look at lemon or orange essential oils, while Nutmeg or dill will have a more earthy smell.

Once you have the carrier and essential oils all picked out, combine them in part inside of a small glass bottle. The ratio should be 95% of the carrier oil, with the remaining 5% being the essential oil. Then, when you want to use it, you just need to splash a small amount onto your beard and rub it in down to your skin.

As mentioned, a beard balm provides a different type of styling benefit than beard oils do. A beard oil is for a casual day, while you should use beard balm when you want a professional look. Have some fun with your recipe, mixing and matching to find a scent with the benefits you like. This is an easy craft for anyone, that will also help get you familiarized with the many benefits of essential oils.

Making Jewelry and Keepsakes out of Beef Bones

beef bone jewelry

Bone has been used for personal ornamentation since the beginning of mankind and the material lends itself very well to modern jewelry making processes.

Beef bone in particular is an excellent material to use to make finer jewelry and keepsakes so instead of throwing beef chops cooked on one of your Best Gas and Propane Smokers in the trash, why not consider making a piece of art out of it?

In order to do so, follow these steps.

Sourcing the bone

If you have some beef shin or chops left near your smoker from the BBQ Smoker Guide, whether it is cooked or not, it is perfect for using as the material to make your jewelry. Obviously you have to get rid of the meat on the bone first, and make sure the bone on the cuts of meat is large enough to work with. Beef rib bones are also perfect.


You can get all the meat off the bones by burying it next to an ant hill or by boiling so all the soft tissue falls off. But the best way, and most professional, is to leave the bones in hydrogen peroxide solution for a week or so. This cleans the bone completely and bleaches it a bright white. See how below:

Click here to learn the amazing benefits of hydrogen peroxide.


Clean any bits of remaining dirt off the bone with a toothbrush. Now find some old newspaper and leave the bone inside for a couple of days.

Cutting beads

Now you need a respirator before you start cutting. Use a fine saw and if you are making beads or small keepsakes, cut the bone into quarter-inch slabs, or cut to the desired length if you are making longer, tubular beads. Now sand with different types of?sandpaper ? fine, medium and coarse ? into the desired shape and smoothness.

Shaping pendants

If you have rib bones, these are big enough to turn into pendant shapes. The classic is a heart/arrow shaped-pendant necklace, but you can make any shape you want. To do this, find a flat piece of bone and scribe your desired shape onto the surface. Now cut or grind away your design.

When you have completed your shapes and trinkets, use a thin drill bit to make holes in your bone jewelry. Beads can be threaded together and you can use eye-jump rings, hooks, swivels, and clasps to make necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings.

Go to to learn how to make beard rings.

How To Make Beard Rings and Beads

jack sparrow

Beards are great for making men look manlier. However, nobody said that you have to settle for an ordinary look. Instead of leaving your long beard just plain, or styling it with a trimmer like everyone else, you can use beard rings and beads to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

You could of course, buy the beard rings and beads that you want, in specialized stores both offline and online. However, we’re all about making your own jewellery, so if you want a unique look, it may be better for you to make your own. Some of these rings and beards are quite simple to make.

1. Using Plastic Strips and Beads

The simplest way to make beard rings with beads is to use plastic strips. These strips can be found quite easily in stores dealing with craft and jewellery products. You can also find the beads that you need in those stores. Click here for further information about handmade jewelry.

Once you select the beads that you want, you can proceed to create a simple beard ring. Ensure though that the beads have very small spaces in the center because most plastic strips are quite thin. You could always double up the strip if you want a strong ring of this kind.

Using a cutting tool like a pair of scissors for example, cut a piece of plastic strip long enough to go around your beard at least once. You can then insert the beads that you have selected one by one using your hands. For a more interesting look, you could alternate different beads at regular intervals to create a pattern. Once you reach near the end of the plastic strip, tie a tight knot, and cut off any of the remaining parts at the edge.

Plastic beard rings are very easy to make and it may just take you and hour or so to make a simple one if you want it in a hurry.

2. Glued-on Beads

If you do not mind dealing with lots of glue, then glued-on bead rings are the way to go. What you need is a surface, which can support the beads. The best way to go about this particular method of making beard rings is to but a round plain ring, which could be made of something as simple as wood, or metal.

You should also buy beads that can adhere to the surface that you have selected. You can find metal beads, wood beads and other forms of natural beads in craft and jewellery stores in your locale.

You should select glue that is compatible with your surfaces. You should apply glue on the surface of the beard ring you have selected and more on a bead, of your choice. After that you should stick the bead on the ring surface and then do the same for the other beads until the whole surface is covered.

The beauty of gluing beads around a ring surface is that the overall look is very appealing, because the beads stand out in relief. You can always make the beard ring more interesting by varying the textures, sizes, and even depths of the beads you are using. You can put one or more layers if you want; it is all about creativity.

Bottom Line

As long as you are willing to make your hands dirty, and spend some time doing something creative, making beard rings and beads is not that hard. You will have unique beard rings to show for it at the end.

Visit for more ideas on how to style your beard.

Finding An Affordable Chocolate Diamond

Chocolate Diamond

How To Find Chocolate Diamonds Without Breaking The Bank

Recently colored diamonds and particularly chocolate diamonds have become more popular and they are gaining even more attention as celebrities are regularly seen wearing these stunning colored gemstones. Many people also simply think that colored diamonds are just more beautiful than traditional white diamonds. Unfortunately these colored diamonds are rare in nature and that makes them much more expensive than traditional clear diamonds. Because of increased demand for these beautiful gems the industry has found a way to created them and make them a bit more affordable for everyone.

Size Is A Factor

One way to make chocolate diamond jewelry more affordable is by choosing jewelry uses several small stones. Smaller stones are more common in nature and thus more affordable. Find unique pieces that create an attractive pattern and are mixed with other gems. The cost of a ring with many small diamonds adding up to a carat is far less than buying a ring with a carat diamond.

Cultured or Natural Chocolate Diamonds?

Natural colored stones can be far out of they typical persons budget but there is still hope if you want a colored diamond. Many people refer to cultured diamonds as synthetic, man made or lab-grown diamonds. Even though they were made in a lab and not by mother nature over millions of years, they are still real diamonds. This is not the same thing as a cubic zirconia or a fake diamond[identify].


The process of growing diamonds in a lab is essentially the same process followed by nature but sped up. This makes them easier to find and much cheaper than natural fancy colored diamonds and no one will be able to tell the difference because cultured diamonds are genuine diamonds. A variety of different colored diamonds can be made using lab processes. See here:


Some diamonds that are only lightly colored are treated to enhance the color. It’s important to understand how diamond treatments are used before you buy bargain jewelry. Some treatments aren’t very durable and there may be special ways that you need to take care of jewelry made with these treated gems so that you can extend the life of them. Some pieces are treated using irradiation, HPHT or coating to enhance the look of the gems while keeping the cost of the piece low.

If you are in the market for genuine chocolate diamonds it is always best to find a trusted jeweler or jewelry store. You need to know whether or not the gem has been treated for color and how to take care of it properly if it has. This way you can get the right gem and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Four Easy Ways to Save Money On Engagement Rings

Learn How You Can Save Money On Engagement Rings

Contrary to what you might think you can save money on engagement rings. Buying an engagement ring doesn’t need to drain your bank account. If you’re eager to pop the question, but you’re holding back because you don’t think you can afford the ring your bride deserves, think again. These four tips can help you save big on your engagement rings. For even more information go here. Picking the right ring says it all.

Try these Tricks

When you walk into a retail ring store, it’s easy to feel bombarded by salespeople attempting to sell you the biggest, most expensive ring in the shop. So, go in with a clear budget and keep these tricks in mind. Alternatives to diamonds, such as gems or cubic zirconium, are ever growing in popularity; similarly, you might want to try white gold instead of platinum. However, if you think your significant other has her heart set on a classic diamond ring, you can still make her dreams come true with a diamond. When a bigger diamond costs too much, try to make a small adjustment in the carat-just a tiny change in carat weight can save you substantial amounts of money without being noticeably smaller. You can also be strategic with the setting-the right setting can make all the difference in making a diamond look bigger.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Shop Smart

With all the diamond ring advertisements consumers see around Valentine’s Day and New Year’s, it’s natural to want to go to one of those big-name jewelers that you see on TV or hear on the radio so often. However, just because you recognize their name doesn’t mean you should assume they’re the best option for you. In fact, brand name jewelry is often marked up as opposed to smaller mom and pop shops, which can also offer more unique and remarkable rings.

Go Vintage

As a special homage to the strong couples that make up your heritage, it’s often family tradition to pass along and heirloom diamond ring. This sentimental tribute to the past can also be accomplished if you have earrings, as the stones can easily be set into a ring.

Take your time

As with any big purchase, you should take as much time as you need to be sure you’re making the right choice. This is even more important advice considering the big life decision that stands behind the purchase of engagement rings. Therefore, don’t be afraid to spend time shopping around, negotiating, and researching your options.


Exploring The Use Of Crystal In Jewelry

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry to add to your collection, you should be able to consider purchasing a crystal piece. There are a lot of crystals available in the market today that you can take advantage of, especially if you want to accessorize and get that extra punch in your outfit. The Ingle and Rhode Reviews tell us that we should be able to choose from different types of crystals that could really add that extra “something” to our outfit.

Types Of Crystals

There are more than 3,000 different types of crystal in nature. Despite the vast options, one characteristic of crystal sets it apart from other types precious jewels: Its clarity. Crystal is made of a clear chemical compound called Silica. This compound is famous for its hardness. The hard quality is precisely what allows crystals to be cut and shaped into so many different styles. When you are looking for a crystal make sure that there are no flaws and that (additional coloring aside) the crystal is transparent. A high quality crystal will be clean and free of any cracks or deformities. If you choose a colored crystal tint should be clear.

Crystals In Jewelry

Crystal is commonly used in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and broaches. Crystal is a popular jewelry piece because it will last forever. The chemical compound of a crystal is extremely sturdy. The cost of crystal jewelry will vary greatly depending on the quality of the crystal and the setting. Crystal is not typically cheap. You can find some crystal necklaces for $100 dollars, while you can pay $650 for a ring. The higher quality and the more unique or complicated the setting, the higher price you’ll pay.


Characteristics Of Crystal

If you do purchase a crystal piece of jewelry you’ll have several things to consider: Coloring: Crystal comes in more than one color. The famous clear crystal is one of the most popular choices and it’s used in everything from jewelry to decorative pieces. But, you’ll also find crystal in an array of colors from black to a chocolate brown, pinks, blues, greens and yellows. Size: You will find crystal pieces in any size from bowls, picture frames and statues to pendants and small Christmas ornaments. As with any other jewelry you’ll want to choose a size that’s most flattering and suits your taste level.

Meaning: Crystals are tied very closely to different religions and different medicinal practices. Certain types of crystals are used to promote good health, energy (Chakra) and healing. For example: amethyst crystals are considered to promote creativity, clear thought and spiritual awareness. If this is something you are concerned about you may wish to do a little research before you purchase a crystal. Crystals are a fun way to add beauty to your jewelry collection. Crystals reflect so stunningly that they have been used in lighting pieces for centuries. Adding a cool crystal piece to your jewelry box will surely bring extra sparkle and light to your wardrobe. Just make sure that you do not overdo it and choose the ones that reflect your personality! Read here:

What You Need To Know About The Thomas Sabo Watch Collection

The Thomas Sabo brand is named after the man who brought the fashion label to life in 1984. Thomas Sabo headquarters can be found in southern Germany in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Bavaria. Today, the brand employs 1,300 people across the globe and provides over 3,000 jewellers with their fashionable lifestyle products. The company’s success is not diminishing. You can find Thomas Sabo jewellery and watches on all five continents and in 66 countries on this planet.

Thomas Sabo has brought out a Sterling Silver collection, the Charm Club and even their own Thomas Sabo watches. The designs are all perfectly harmonised and they are suitable for all occasions, whether it is a formal meeting or you want to wear your jewellery with a casual look. Thomas Sabo and his creative head Susanne Klbli make sure that all their designs are contemporary and suitable for the individual to express themselves.

Thomas Sabo watches were launched back in 2009 and they have proven to be exceptionally popular. The bold and unique Thomas Sabo look is easily recognised in the watch collection. 925 sterling silver and black leather are primarily used, although even the occasional dash of vibrant colour can be found.

Watch Collection

Watch Collection

Thomas Sabo Watch WA0123-234-202

This watch is one of those colourful outbursts. The strap and bezel of the watch are of a rich violet colour while the two-layered dial shimmers in mother of pearl. The hands are luminous so you don’t lose track of time even in the dark. The strap is made out of genuine leather while the case is made from stainless steel. The watch is also available in orange and red.

Thomas Sabo Watch WA0063S-205-203

With this watch design, Thomas Sabo combines the watches with their charms collection. The Charm watch is made from 925 sterling silver and its small case is 19mm long and wide and 9mm deep. You can add charms to the silver bracelet to truly give the watch an individual note. The bracelet is splash-proof but should be taken off when attending to the dishes!

Thomas Sabo Watch WA0058-220-203

This is a fantastic design that practically screams Thomas Sabo. The case is made from stainless steel and ceramic and is kept in a onyx black. The chronograph has black dials with black stone set sub dials. A quartz movement and a two year warranty make it an incredibly reliable watch.

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The Art of Finding Perfect Jewelry In Sunny Florida


Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, an anniversary present, or you just want to surprise your sweetheart with a new diamond bracelet or gold cuff links, look no further than jewelers in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is and upscale community full of high end jeweler’s which makes finding perfect jewelry a breeze.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

It’s true. Nothing says “I love you,” then a diamond necklace, bracelet or ring. A Bulgari Italian style bracelet is sure to wow the woman in your life. The Serpenti white-gold coil, pav-set diamond head bracelet has alternating diamond scales, which look stunning on any woman’s wrist. Couple it with an equally beautiful ring and you are sure to turn heads. Diamond necklaces are also a sure thing. Whether she likes just a simple diamond or a cluster, or even a heart of diamonds necklace, her neck will shimmer. For engagements, diamond rings will never disappoint, if your sweetheart is into diamonds. A matching his/her set would make a memorable occasion even more memorable. Diamond earrings on the twentieth anniversary will ensure your loves continues.

Pick charms for the Mom in your life

Mother’s Day or her birthday can be especially difficult when trying to find the right gift for Mom that is why a bracelet that has all her favorite charms, related to her personality and likes is a great idea. Jewelers in Fort Lauderdale can find the perfect charms to fit her style, whether she’s a bookworm, seamstress or an avid cyclist. For the moms-to-be, a white-gold baby blue or red-flowered shoe, will put a smile on her face. Pick a yellow-gold pink heart pendant for a sweet look. If she’s into sports, choose from a white-gold and diamond volleyball or for the bowler, a diamond eight ball, with white and black enamel. If her kids are grown, get charms that match her grand children’s hobbies. These precious charms will help her feel close to those who are far away and keep the memories alive for years to come. There are all kinds of charms you can keep adding, so the bracelet is uniquely her.


Men like jewelry too

For his next birthday or a Christmas gift, give jewelry to the man in your life and watch his face light up. Yes, men like jewelry too, especially when it comes from the heart. Cufflinks for him is a great birthday gift. A titanium, gold cable or silver cable cufflinks would look good on any man. For a more studded look, try round platinum-plated cufflinks with blue stingray leather inlay or red inlaid with dinosaur bone. For a more contemporary look, get rectangular, stainless steel cufflinks or a sliding ring cuff links. A silver wedding band, with miligrain detail, is a classy look on your man’s finger. A a cable-cross necklace or a titanium dog tag would look distinguished around his neck. Try a black onyx and blue apatite beaded bracelet or an equestrian-domed bracelet in sterling silver and a gold accent clasp. Whatever jewelry you choose, know that jewelers in Fort Lauderale has you covered.

Understanding Gold Jewellery

As far as precious metals in jewellery goes, gold is as good as it gets. For as long as humankind has roamed the earth, gold has been a coveted commodity, and this is still very much the case today.  It has survived countless changes in fashion, and gone through several periods of unpopularity, only to emerge as it recently did, more popular than ever before.

The purity of gold is measured using the karat system, under which most articles made of gold is imprinted with a number followed by “kt”, such as 22kt, which would mean 22 karats, or almost fully pure. The list below contains further details on the numeric values in the karat system:

  • 8kt or 8k is very uncommon, from my experience of over a decade and handling 1000′s of pieces of used jewelry I’ve only encountered 2-4 pieces of 8 karats.
  • 9kt or 9k is the second lowest that can be found, and is 37.5% gold by purity, most common in the U.K. including England, Scotland and Ireland
  • 10kt or 10k is 41.67% purity, this can be found in many countries but most prevalent in North America.
  • 12kt is exactly 50% gold by purity, or half, quite rare, more of an old hallmark, any piece bearing a 12k mark will be quite old.
  • 14kt or 14k 58.33% purity, again quite a common hallmark that can be found in a wide range of countries.
  • 15c or 15ct is another old mark from the U.K. not very common here in North America, I’ve only seen one piece here marked with a 15ct and it is/was an old pocket watch chain that I’ve kept to this day on my brother in laws advice.
  • 18kt or 18k gold has 75% purity. This is usually the most popular with high-end jewellers, because of its combination of deep yellow colour while retaining a good strength level.
  • 21kt most popular in the mid east, contain 87.3 actual gold content
  • 22kt or 22k gold is 91.67% purity, also found mostly in the mid east, India, Pakistan and Asia.
  • 24kt is quite rare, mainly people think they have 24k but it is usually closer to 22k,  99.99% gold by purity, as close as you can get to absolutely pure gold. 24 karat gold,  at this level of purity is rather rare, because 24kt gold is very soft, and therefore too malleable and deformable for use in everyday jewellery.

The market for diamond jewellery accounts for some of the most expensive and exquisite items crafted in the world. Due to the cost of the materials required (the high-purity gold and the gemstones), its creation is usually restricted to the most skilled jewellers, such as those from the in-house staff at high end fashion marques like Bulgari, or private jewellery houses that deal with exclusive clientele.


Gold Ring For Woman

Gold Ring For Woman

For the equally sophisticated but less ostentatious, there is a fantastic alternative to diamonds and yellow gold – that being the increasing popular white gold. White gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal, such as palladium (which, incidentally, is much more expensive than gold). White gold is much harder than yellow gold, allowing it to be used for pieces that require durability due to everyday wear, such as wedding rings. For this exact reason, white gold is equally popular in the worlds of women’s and mens jewellery. More important than its physical characteristics, though, is the visual appeal of white gold – many people believe it to be less flashy, and therefore slightly more elegant, than yellow gold. Of course, tastes vary; and as a general rule, white gold does not look as good as yellow gold on people with darker skin tones, as dark skin and yellow gold create a very remarkable contrast.

Gold can be made into many forms including rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, pendants, bracelets, charms, gold bangles and more.  It is also serving as the base used for many others forms of jewellery including bridal, diamond, crystal and pearl jewellery crossing all ethnic barriers and regions in the world.

The fashion trends these days seem to be swinging away from the simple designs of simpler days, and towards more ornate styles that incorporate gemstones (not just diamonds but also semi-precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, etc)  heavier chains, bracelets and gold rings. However, no matter how much the nature of the designs shift, it is a very safe assumption to say that fine gold jewellery will never go out of style. In fact, with the recent meteoric rise of the price of gold on the commodity markets, most items made of gold are now worth much more than they have ever been. This has led to a revitalization in the popularity of gold, which in turn has spurred a boost of the supply of such jewellery by high-end crafting houses, which again boosts consumer demand. The times may change, but the basic elements of taste will always remain the same – and gold is one of these.